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Ali Yıldırım

Ali Yıldırım

English, Turkish
Gurulize CEO(Growth Strategist)

You can make an appointment with me to get information about general growth strategies for growing your venture/project.

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13 Jun 02:00

20 Min. Video Call-Support and Procedures for Establishing a Company Abroad

Ali Yıldırım

Solutions for business needs have now turned from an ecosystem made up of solutions produced by the world of software and technology to a large sea of affordability.

Ali; he loves to contribute to this world of Software and Technology, keeps a close watch on the products/services of other competitiors in this world. He started coding with the Commodore 64 computer that his father bought at the age of 11 and has developed his professional coding career for 21 years. He is a serial entrepreneur who has worked/is working in a wide range from development positions in consulting, marketing, pre-sales and after-sales services and software to joint stock company chairmanships. 

The purpose of establishing Gurulize, with the slogan of Democratization of Knowledge, is to transfer the knowledge and experience of knowledgeable experts to the world. Morover, it is ensure to reach by anyone who need access to information borders without being dependent on their own physical environment.

Gurulize is not just a software infrastructure; It has been established with the aim of being an e-consulting ecosystem that includes the entire ecosystem that develops products/services, especially the marketing and technology verticals for these profiles.

mygurulize.com is a starting step for this ecosystem.

“Expectations shape our lives”

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50 Minutes of Video Call

Please feel free to schedule a call with me for Business Partnership and M&A issues.
Free Of Charge
Duration 50 Min.

20 Min. Video Call-Support and Procedures for Establishing a Company Abroad

Informing how to activate a Stripe account and assisting startups with company formation procedures in Estonia.
200 $ 2500 Credit
Duration 20 Min.

45 Min Video Call- Startup Growth Strategy Session

Get one-on-one comments and growth suggestions about your venture, online platform from the founder of Gurulize. I. According to the briefs received in this session, if deemed necessary, at least 1 page of entrepreneurship strategy document will be shared on the following topics, usually within 2-3 working days after the session. ii. In general, findings and recommendations related to the relevant consultancy vertical, iii. Basic recommendations for recruitment,segmentation and revenue sharing of experts, iv. Pricing recommendations, v. Recommendations about the product and marketing in general.
400 $ 4500 Credit
Duration 45 Min.